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Don’t pay for excess energy, you’re smarter than that.

Curves is an open cloud-based platform that collects and visualize any data for a more sustainable property management.

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Value to tenants and the society

Curves gives you good insights and control of the energy and water consumption patterns in your properties and produce a good ground for more sustainable property management. An invaluable tool for property automatization.

1 000 000 data points

Every data points collected in Curves means increased awareness, better efficiency and sustainable development. Continuous growth and bold goals is the only way forward. That’s why our goal for 2022 is breaking the million.

the plug and play platform

The benfit of Curves becomes greater, as your organization’s property management is digitized and IOT becomes a reality. Import any data, analyze it and streamline your energy management.

Curves Dashboard

Your comprehensive management tool. A snap shot overview of the status of your properties. The status of your properties is visualized on a map. Increase the efficiency of the service management, identify heating irregularities and streamline the energy management.

Living quality

Collect and visualize the temperature- and humidity levels in each apartment for overview & control. The energy flow in your properties are translated into understandable graphs, tables, maps and 3D. Connect groups of temp-sensors to the property’s steering system for an even indoor climate.

Safety Management

Connect smart safety sensors to increase the secureness of tenants. Get full control over the properties by connecting Curves with smart sensors for leakage and smoke/fire-detectors. Increase the service level by offering tenants a contemporary safety system.

Automated Billing

Curves handles your individual metering and charging. Curves use the real consumption of water, electricity, energy and prepare the billing for each apartment. The data file is exported to your economy system. Share individual usage and cost with tenants through, ”My pages” and entrance displays.


Openness and independency, that’s what we believe in. Curves support import from most protocols and formats. Openness mean that Curves can connect with the hardware and data format of your choice. The data easily is exported to your property- and energy management system, no matter what system you are using.
Each data point in the system is validated and quality is ensured at different levels. Any deviating values ​​are flagged up via alarms and adjusted in the billing phase. Below are some examples of systems and vendors our clients use.



Our clients

Property owners

Curves gives you an overview of the energy status in your properties. Collect and analyze data as basis to get a full automated Building Managing Systems. Use the data-set in Curves to plan, budget and make well-grounded business decisions.

Curves - Property owners

Customer Service

Curves is a helpful everyday tool, with a specific log in, you and your tenants have instant access to all necessary information for optimizing the living quality. Individual measuring and billing is automated with full transparency for the tenants.

Curves - Customer Service


Being an open-platform gives enormous possibilities to digitize and act on data. Create your own groups of sensors and increase the efficiency in the system. Export energy consumption reports on your energy- and environmental savings.

Curves - Technicians

Curves visualize data on many levels.

Maps – An overview of your properties. Use your aggregated data to discover energy waste. Fine-tune the properties and increase the efficiency.
3D House – Identify irregularities in the house. Be in control of the temperature and humidity levels in the house.
Graphs – Use data updated every 15 minutes to possess knowledge of the actual temperature in all apartments. An invaluable tool for customer service and property technicians.
My pages – Visualize tenants behavior by using clear graphs of the water consumption and energy usage.
Curves visualize data on many levels.

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