About us

Sustainable Property Management invented and inspired by Swedish engineers

Something is fundamentally wrong with the way we waste energy. Let’s be smarter about this. Energy is, in the end, a global thing. Let’s start with your properties and slowly but surely change the world. We strongly believe that good for business and good for the environment may go hand in hand.

Curves is the open cloud-based platform that interpret the energy flow in you property portfolio and visualize it to make you act on the data. Using Curves means saving energy, it is profitable for your business and increase the living quality for your residents We call it sustainable energy management.

Your Curves experience will be different depending on your area of application, you get access to it all. As little hassle and as much benefit as possible, it’s as easy as that. Curves is developed by EcoGuard.

Sustainable Property Management  invented and inspired by Swedish engineers


Please see the frequently asked questions below and feel free to give reach out if there is anything else you woudl like to know.

What is Curves?

Curves is an open digital platform that benefits the entire customer organization and in a concrete and simple way contributes to sustainable energy management at all levels – in daily operations, in business development and administration.

Curves is the choice for collecting, analyzing, visualizing and acting on survey data for property owners throughout the Nordics.

Who develops Curves?

Curves is developed by EcoGuard, Sweden’s leading company in measurement technology, installation and collection of measurement data. We are fully specialized in energy measurement services and products in real estate.

Is it worth analyzing and acting on measurement data?

As more functions within your real estate operations are digitized, the earning potential naturally increases. Increased housing comfort, reduced energy waste, reduced operating costs and more efficient individual charging are some examples. With the Curves Business Intelligence service you’ll see for yourself how much savings you make on your buildings.

I want to get measurement data from network companies, is it okay?

With a new feature in the Curves Cloud service, it is easy to make measurement collection from your network company.

Is it difficult to use Curves?

Curves is not difficult to understand or use, it is basically self-learning with educational support. We also conduct training at our customers or in our own premises for various user groups such as customer service, finance departments and operations and energy personnel.

How safe is Curves?

With Curves, your measurement data is in safe hands. The information is stored in mirrored storage servers at two geographically separated locations in Sweden with 99.8% guaranteed availability. In addition, every measurement value that enters the system is checked and quality-assured and provided with a quality stamp. The quality stamp is set based on criteria such as deviation from the previous measurement value and reasonableness values ​​and is classified into three quality levels.

What is included when you are a customer of Curves?

When you sign a measurement service agreement, the Curves Cloud service is included with access to your measurement data. Access to our customer support, monitoring of measurement storage services, communication management, functional responsibility for your database and underlying IT system. You can also sign an extended service agreement.

What does it cost?

The fees for Curves consist of a subscription model with a basic service and various additional services depending on your needs. You only subscribe and pay for the services you use.

How do I invite new users?

– You must be an authorized Administrator to invite users. If you are, click on the “Permissions” tab in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. There you enter the user’s e-mail address, choose which permissions they will receive and then click “Invite”.

How do I see consumption at the property and building level?

– Consumption for a specific media can be obtained on most node types. Then you will get a compilation for all the underlying nodes. Click on the desired level in the tree and then select the “Consumption” tab. Enter Period, Media and Consumption type.

Click on view to get a summary below. You can then choose to sort by Relative Consumption or Absolute Consumption depending on what you want to get for the data. Relative consumption calculates consumption per area.

I can’t login?

Most often it is because you entered the wrong password. For example, the password is CAPS LOCK sensitive, unlike the username. Use the “Reset Password” feature to simultaneously confirm your username.

What kind of data can you collect?

In Curves you can collect all relevant data for maximum control of energy use in your property portfolio.

• Temperature
• Electricity and energy use
• Water
• Moisture
• Cool
• Carbon dioxide
• Smoke / Fire
• Leakage
• Monitoring of non-critical alarms

Can I connect other suppliers’ IMD systems?

Yes, most systems use the M-Bus protocol in their communications, which Curves supports. In other cases, Curves has APIs that enable the import and export of measurement data.

Can I use Curves in my sustainability work?

The information and insights Curves provides are useful for many measurable sustainability goals. Realizing your goals for sustainable operation with Curves has a positive effect on the economy and the environment – maintaining or improving comfort gives lower energy bills that make your residents happy.

Is Curves future-proof?

Curves is an open, manufacturer independent, cloud-based platform that is thanks to AI automatically upgraded and adapted to current standards, protocols and formats. Your measurement data imported to Curves is quality assured and stored under very safe conditions.

Do you really save money on IMD?

Our experience is that tenants who pay for their own consumption and use become more aware of the cost and change their user behavior. It is both a sustainability and a financial gain that everyone benefits from.

Will I need to buy updates?

No, since Curves is a cloud-based platform, you will automatically receive updates. However, we are constantly developing new services based on the needs of our customers that you as an organization can choose to incorporate into your systems.

What is the difference between the different roles?

– There is only difference between “Administrator” or “non-administrator”. There is no difference between other roles. The Administrator role is required, for example, to invite users and create positions / associate sensors.

How does the “Permissions” function work?

– The “Permissions” function is used to restrict a user’s ability to see the entire tree structure. The administrator can choose that a user should only see a certain portion of the content. If no permission is set, the user sees everything.

How do I create new positions in the tree?

The “Administrator” role is required for this step. Right-click on the node you want and then select “Add Node”, name the node and which node type you want to create and any properties.


– When creating a new measurement position, select “Add measurement position”, name the position and select which media type to display. After creating the position, click on “Measuring equipment”, Add and search the meter’s serial number, or scroll in the list. It shows which meters are available compatible with the position created.

What languages can I choose for Curves?

– You can choose Curves in the Swedish or English language. An upcoming news is the launch of Finnish language support.